Search Engine For Search Engines Essay

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When researching and trying to find a specific website, the first thing that comes into most people’s heads is to search Google or Yahoo etc. This is major so it is vital that companies are as high up as possible on the search list. The higher up you are the more hits you are going to have your website, so there is going to be more products or services sold. This will put you ahead of competitors.
There are massive databases, these are stored to keep information about all of the websites which the search engine will be aware and the database will be searched.
Maintaining the databases, the search engine will use spiders. Spiders is a program which runs 24/7, these spiders examine websites for the search engines.
To make sure the spiders lists the web page properly and correctly, the creator of the website can use meta tags. Meta tags put words into the HTML code, this can’t be displayed on the screen.
Advantages to search engines is that Google, Yahoo etc are all live on the internet all of the time (24/7).
Compared with traditional methods such as hand drawn leaflets and flyers it can save time.
A disadvantage is that if you want to be higher up in the search list you might want to pay money this is optional, but you will attract more customers if you pay money to be further up the search list.

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