Seamless Transition Committee ( Stc ) Essay

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Seamless Transition Committee (STC) established in 2008 in support of Veterans. A committee that served as a communication coordination paradigm that works within VA medical center for reviewing cases of OEF/OIF veterans with complex psychological, social issues that received services from various departments offered from VA this included Primary Care, Surgery/Specialty Care, Rehabilitation and Mental Health. STC leaders consist of program manager from several mental health programs, Chief Psychologist, the medical director of the Post-Deployment Primary Care Clinic and the suicide prevention coordinator. Once a week they review cases of homeless veterans the worst cases received a housing voucher. Normally the women with children domestic abuse have priority a case worker would be assigned to assist for a minimum of a year more if needed (Mallen, Michael J.; Schumacher, Marianne M.; Leskela, Jennie; Thuras, Paul; Frenzel, Mark, 2014).

Their many resources that can assist vets in need "nonprofit human service organizations located in a munificent environment can pursue multiple funding opportunities such as donations, fees for services, other revenue-generating activities (Garrow, 2011)". A nonprofit organized like DAV (Disable American Veteran) served men, women veterans they welcomed everyone, veterans, civilian, men, women, young old to connect with us as we stood up for those veterans who risked it all when they stood up for us, our country, our ideals.…

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