Seals Mission Summary

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The mission the SEALs were given was held along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and what was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission turned into a bloodbath with only one SEAL makes it out alive. The story is told by the surviving SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, who outlines how his comrades died in battle. When the SEALs head out to the border, they are discovered by a group of herders. Rather than kill them, the SEALs let them go, only to discover the herders revealed their position to members of the Taliban.

This book begins with Navy SEAL training in Coronado, san Diego is outlining the difficult process of becoming a SEAL. "Somehow, shifting positions in the big Hercules freighter, we were leaving behind a place which was systematically tearing itself apart and heading for a place full of wild mountain men who were hell-bent on tearing (pp. 13). "And I can state with absolute certainty that all six of us were excited by the prospect, looking forward to doing our job out there in the open, confident of our ultimate success, sure of our training, experience, and judgment." (p. 15). By the time the book ends, the reader understands why the training is so difficult as the book outlines an intense battle sequence in which three of the four Navy SEALS lost their live and on that same day eight SEALs and eight Army Night Stalkers were killed from
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It outlines exactly what is involved in a military operation and puts it in terms anyone can understand Members of Luttrell’s SDV Team 1 and Navy SEAL Team 10 got word of what was happening and immediately assembled and flew out in a chinook MH-47 helicopter. The heroic rescue team arrived at a drop location and once the back hatched was opened tragedy struck. A Taliban fighter launched an RPG directly through the open door, exploding inside the helicopter. The shot was disastrous, blowing the MH-47 out of the sky and killing everyone on

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