Seal Hunting Essay

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The seal hunt has been a controversial topic in Canada for many years. The argument over it is if it should be allowed and continued, or stopped once and for all. The species of seals killed are the Harp Seals. Most of the harp seals killed are 12 days old to 3 months old because that is when they have the most fur and are more defenseless compared to an adult seal. However, those are also the seals that are going to grow up and breed for the harp seal population when all the old ones pass away. So when a sealer clubs and slaughter a baby seal, you’re basically not only killing 1 seal, but also maybe even a whole potential family. The government supports the hunt, and the people who are actually killing the seals are called “Sealers.” …show more content…
In fact, many animal lovers and people who oppose the seal hunt are actually giving money to sponsor the seal hunt since our Canadian government taxes us on it. Is killing young defenseless seals for their fur, which is not in high demand but high in supply, worth all the financial problems that our country has to endure?

Many Canadian citizens find the hunt to be very repulsive and gruesome. The barbaric pictures of the ice stained red, seals being clubbed, and the piles of dead seal have a large impact on the way Canadians and people around the world views the seal hunt. However, all those images are real and are proving what is really going on in Atlantic Canada. When a survey was done in 2008 by David Lavigne (PhD) from the Vancouver art gallery, he found that 62% of the people he surveyed oppose the hunt, and 80% would not be upset if it ended. Both of these statistics prove that a majority of people have negative views on the hunt. If most people oppose the hunt, why is the government supporting it and putting our taxes towards it? Not only do Canadian citizens oppose the hunt, even some celebrities who have a huge effect on the media and how Canada is viewed are against the hunt. Some of them include Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Kesha. Also, contrary to belief, Inuit people would actually be benefited more if

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