Sea Turtles Threatened with Extinctions Essay

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Abstract The topic of this paper is Sea turtles endangered by Global warming. It argues that global warming have a bad effect on the environment and threatens some species in the world. In the specially, sea turtles which is the oldest species in live in the world so we need to find solutions to protect this specie. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that we need to find solutions to decrease global warming. The second is that we need to decrease the pollution due to human. Finally, protect the sea turtle of human and predators.

Sea Turtles threatened with extinction

A lot of species are endangered because of global warming and more specifically the Sea turtle, which is the oldest
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These increased the pollution in the air but also the water like sea where some waste is thrown by the factories. All of these have an impact directly or indirectly on the habitat and the life of the sea turtle, threatening them with extinction and different diseases which have observed in them.
First, to save the sea turtle we need to start with global warming and to find a solution to decrease it. And the most important is carbon dioxide, which is in big part responsible for global warming. So we need to use strategies to sequester and to decrease CO2, to cut emission of greenhouse gases to protect ozone, and to find new technology and source of energy for our vehicles and factories to decrease all the different emission of gases and toxic products to decrease pollution on the air and on the sea. That is something that government needs to care about and use money to find and to try solutions to save our planet. It’s not only the problem of our planet, it’s also for the sea turtle because if we solve the problem of global warming, all of these solutions will affect our planet and save the sea turtle. The oldest specie in the world can live again during a lot of years, if we does what it must do to solve this problem of global warming. Because global warming is the origin of all this threat on the health of humanity and of extinction for some species.
Second, if we want to

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