Sea Otters Essay

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Three male sea otters have been found dead with gunshot wounds in Monterey Bay. Their carcasses washed ashore between August 12 and 19, between the Santa Cruz Harbor and Seacliff State Beach, according to a joint statement from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Officials…. Last week, a fourth dead otter washed ashore also with a suspected gunshot wound. (Madison Park).
Sea otters are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act and the penalty for killing a sea otter in California “can amount to $100,000 in fines and possibly a jail sentence,” (Park). Although sea otters are a competitor for fish, it is their natural food source and humans should not put their affinity
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Purchasing recycled goods and recycling can help because it reduces the amount of garbage that ends up in the ocean. Sea otters and their prey ingest trash which makes them sick and often kills them. People should use non-toxic cleaning chemicals in their homes to decrease the poisons that inevitably spread to the ocean. Planting a garden can actually reduce runoff from homes because plants will filter harmful chemicals so that they don’t end up in streams or oceans at all. Disposing of pet waste properly also has a huge impact. People should never pour cat litter in the toilet as that is the most direct way to infect sea otters with toxoplasmosis. Cat litter should always be put into a plastic bag and thrown away. It may not seem like much, but if everyone does their part, these small measures will have a huge impact on the health of sea otters and the …show more content…
They are essential to the health of kelp forests, which means that they are indirectly essential to maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. Humans are the sole reason that sea otter populations are suffering, and that means that we can fix what we have done to them. By making small changes in our own lives, we can have a big impact on the environment. If the sea otters die, kelp forests will die. If kelp forests die, although it could be years later, the human population is likely to follow. We need to do something to help sea otters, and we need to do it

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