Essay about Sea Level Rise Of Hawaii

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Sea Level Rise in Hawaii
When I was ten years old, my family moved here in Hawaii. I remembered that I was so excited to come here in Hawaii, and one of the things that I was going to look forward to was the beautiful beaches. My father loved to fish and he used to go down to the beach early in the morning in Ke’e beach in Hanalei, and he used to tell me stories about fishes he catches with his friends, and how beautiful the beach are from morning till night. All of those stories that my father used to tell me was so fascinating to me as a kid that I couldn 't wait to come here in Hawaii. I am lucky that I live here because the weather is just right and there are a lot of unique places that you can’t find somewhere else. I wanted to know more about Sea Level Rise because I noticed that whenever I drive in Wailua the beach in that area is almost close to the main road, and I remember that it was not like that a few years ago. So I was curious what cause this to happen.
Sea Level Rise (SLR) has been one the problem that Hawaii face every year. Global warming may cause SLR, which will have a great impact on the coastal shoreline. For example Inundation, Erosion, and Drainage problem. These example make a negative impact on Hawaii because it destroys beaches and houses, and it also has a negative impact on the environment as a whole. I did some research about SLR and this questions that I come up with helped me know more about SLR and its impact in Hawaii. What are the…

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