Scuba Diving : An Exciting Recreational Sport For Many Years Essay

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Many have enjoyed Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) diving as an exciting recreational sport for many years. Though SCUBA diving is a very rewarding experience, a diver must be sufficiently trained before entering a potentially dangerous situation. Divers must have an understanding of SCUBA from both a scientific and recreational view, along with ample training, to properly use equipment and prepare for potential hazards.
Prolonged underwater experiences have fascinated people for millennia. Divers conducted the first underwater expeditions using a technique known as skin diving (Berger 10). Divers plummeted to depths of up to 100 feet while only taking one breath. During those excursions, divers hunted for food and other collectables. Alexander the Great, around the 4th Century B.C., realized humans could elongate their time underwater by placing a bucket over their heads. Although limiting visibility, humans could sip from the reserved oxygen (Berger 11). This bucket technique eventually led to the diving bell which John Lethbridge modified in 1715 adding a diving engine that continually provided air to the bell. In 1837, the next revolutionary invention was Augustus Siebe‚Äôs closed-dress diving suit. (Graver 3). The diving suit was the pinnacle of diving technology for 100 years until in 1943, the first reliable SCUBA gear emerged (Berger 11). Two Frenchman, one of them is the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, created the Aqualung, the first SCUBA…

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