Reflective Essay: What Makes A Scrupulous Writer?

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A scrupulous writer is someone who is diligent and faithful in his work ensuring that the text they produce is excellent and of the finest quality. This writer will thoroughly process the theme of their work to “avoid perverting the original phrase” (Orwell). This author would also perform different purposes of writing, like expressive, literary or persuasive, to ensure the skills they possess will continue to advance. Likewise, the proper use of different patterns of writing, like description, process, or evaluation, is another aspect a scrupulous writer possesses. Practicing different types of writing will ensure a scrupulous writer continues to advance in their skills. This type of author would also have another reliable source look over …show more content…
I start the essay by giving background into where this principle was created in a short story that shows why I value having special moments captured. However, I don 't say why I 'm sharing this belief. The background information into the purpose for writing this essay fails to tell how I believe in the importance of capturing life 's moments to last a lifetime. My essay doesn 't succeed in sharing why I shared the idea or principle I believe in. Is what I shared fresh enough to have an effect is another question that I didn 't think about when composing my essay. Because it is a question that wasn 't considered in the creation of this essay, my text lacks an aspect of scrupulous writing that is necessary in order for it to be a good paper. My essay doesn 't answer this question and, therefore, doesn 't succeed in being a scrupulous piece of work. Additionally, the lack of a call to action in writing ensures the reader has no further engagement with the text after they initially read it. “Capturing Life 's Moments to Last a Lifetime” doesn 't succeed in ensuring that the image has the well thought out and desired effect on the audience. Stating my purpose for writing this essay, and for composing my text in a way that affects the audience, are two aspects of this text that need to be improved. While my initial piece of work is an acceptable essay, it doesn 't include two important aspects needed to be an essay written by a scrupulous

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