Scrubs Essay

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Many people seem to think that many television shows destroy the brain, but as for numerous amounts of television shows actually depict a lesson to lure in an audience. Take the television show Scrubs. Written and directed by Ryan Levin, this comical series about a well-renowned hospital and its staff depict the everyday lives of four different characters. In this comical show that allows four friends to comment on their everyday lives about being a doctor, resident intern, and surgeon. A story line based on the comical genius of the producers of both South Park and Weeds. Follow me as I analyze both the good and bad aspects of all four of the characters tell their sides of the story through each others lines.
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John is man who wants what he cannot have. Throughout the series we see John depict his hatred of commitment by the many trials and heartbroken one-night-stands. Dorian is depicted as guy that honestly just wants to be loved, starting with his brother Dan to the death of his father. Dorian is always going to be this crazy sensitive guy that is so afraid of commitment that he will hurt anyone in his path to avoid the thought of it. As his best friend attempts to help him through all the emotional trials and the crazed sensitivity needs, their friendship will be one of those that actually instill the values of a friendship through the lines of a television show.

Elliot Reid is an intern just like John Dorian. She is a young, cute, nervous woman who is very sensitive about her eye brows. Her mom was an alcoholic, cold, and always telling her that the world is all about your appearance and looking perfect. Her dad originally wanted a boy first, but instead her family had a girl. He basically rose as if she was a boy which is why she has her name. She has four brothers that messed with her, and that is why she is so strong but also sacred of failing. Although many of her attributes are a bit unlucky considering she is oddly shaped girl from Connecticut, she still manages to allow herself time for composure. Filling this constant need for attention is what she fills with the crazy, narcotic one-night-stands, followed by

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