Screening Applicant 's Social Media Essay examples

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It is reasonable for an employer to use social networking websites to screen job applicants and to use what they find as the basis for not hiring them, as long as the applicant 's information is public. This idea is supported by the Utilitarianism theory of ethics. The Utilitarian seeks the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people. They would argue that an individual 's rights, while important, are not as important as the consequences are to the entire business organization. A Utilitarian would conclude that screening is ethical when choosing whether to hire someone. Screening applicant’s social media websites enables managers to understand more about the potential applicants, prevents potential damage to the company’s image with clients and reduces the possibility of a large financial loss.
The first reason why the use of analyzing social networking websites is reasonable is because it helps the employer get a much better overall picture of the person they are going to be investing time and money in. An interview, or even a series of interviews, gives a limited picture on how well a job applicant can answer an interviewer 's questions. The applicant can lie and exaggerate their responses so that they appear more intelligent or give the impression that they are the best candidate. In spite of this, character flaws can easily be detected by finding out what the applicant posts or favorites. While interviews let the manager hear directly from the applicant, it…

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