Scout Finch : The True Nature Of People And The World Essay

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To Kill a Finch Childhood and the innocents that comes with it is extremely fragile and temporary. It can be easily lost and never regained. This is what happens to Scout Finch in by Harper Lee. Throughout the story Scout Finch grows up and learns the true nature of people and the world; thus revealing the underlying bigotry of 1930s Alabama. Along the way though she helps some people change their ways and regain a little of their own innocents while also learning valuable life lessons that in some ways take a little of her own away. Thus helping develop this theme of innocents. One of Scout’s life lessons she learns is the fact that people are not always what they appear to be or what other people say they are. She first discovers this when learns that their mysterious and elusive neighbor Arthur “Boo” Radley was not a mean, wild man like people claimed him to be. Instead he was a kind and gentle person who was always trying to help and take care of Scout and her older brother Jem. They first experienced his kindness when they find little gifts hidden in the knot hole of a tree. The first of many gifts were two pieces of gum. When Jem found out that Scout took and ate gum he was quite upset and says to Scout, “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to to even touch the trees over there? You’ll get killed if you do!” (Lee 33). Of Course this before they knew the truth about Boo and only had gossip and rumor to go by, but eventually they start to become trusting of Boo and…

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