Scout And Jem Finch 's Life Essay

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Everyone wants to believe that they live an adventurous life, that they take risks and that the decisions they make truly matters but are their lives truly adventurous? The characters lives in To Kill a Mocking Bird are filled with adventure since the moment the story begins, they end up experiencing new locations, exploring the vast unknown due to their courageous genes and creating entertainment to make the less adventurous days far more interesting. Scout and Jem Finch 's lives most certainly revolve around the two experiencing new locations. The two seem to always be going places around their main town Maycomb. As scout states on the first day of school "I never looked forward more to anything in my life" Scout Proclaimed. This shows how Scout is readying to get into the first grade and see what this whole school thing is all about. Scout has never been to a school like setting before so it is only natural for her to feel excited. This feeling of excitement only came upon to scout due to the fact that she is going to be actually learning in a classroom like location. Most people, get extremely excited for the first day of school. This is shown modernly by all the back to school sales we have, how people go out and buy new clothes, technology, homes, supplies right before the beginning of their new school year. Incidentally, Miss Caroline also got the opportunity to experience a new location as well. This was her first year teaching in Maycomb, She was not used to the…

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