Essay on Scottsdale, Az Community Assessment

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Scottsdale: Community Assessment and Analysis
Jennifer Hensley
Megan Kehrli
Isha Maina
Maribel Martinez
Kelly Simpson
Lisa Taylor
Grand Canyon University: NRS-427v Community Health
February 3, 2013

Scottsdale: Community Assessment and Analysis Scottsdale, Arizona was incorporated in 1951 and is the sixth largest city in Arizona (City of Scottsdale, 2013). Scottsdale is 184.2 square miles located in the picturesque Sonoran Desert nestled just east of Phoenix, north of the Salt River Pima Indian Community, and west of the McDowell Mountains. The city’s official slogan is “The West’s Most Western Town.” The city is a prime area for new urban growth
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A visible brown cloud is evident on bad air days. Children and the elderly are vulnerable to respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma. Local news warns residents to avoid outdoor activities on hazardous days. Despite living in the “Valley of the Sun”, many Scottsdale residents have a vitamin D deficiency due in part to protective measures implemented to reduce the risk of skin cancer, such as the use of sunscreen and avoidance of sun exposure, and in part to poor nutritional intake. Many community members are deficient in vitamin D with only 22.3% having a vitamin D level >30ng/ml with optimal range between 50-80ng/ml (Jacobs and Alberts, 2008). Healthy foods rich in vitamin D, such as mushrooms, eggs, and fish are good sources of vitamin D. The functional health patterns of the community, however, reveal a trend toward unhealthy eating habits within the community. The obesity rate is 24.3%, slightly lower than the national average of 35.7% (CDC, 2013); nevertheless, nearly one in four people are obese. This percentage is reflective of the overall trend in obesity rates rising up from a national obesity average of 13% just thirty years ago (CDC, 2012). There are one hundred and thirty-two listings for fast food restaurants in the yellow pages for Scottsdale. The city streets are lined with restaurants, fast food chains, and grocery stores catering to the busy lives of the people in the community. Healthy

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