Scottsboro Trial In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Alabama was an appalling place in the 1930’s for African-Americans, white male or females could accuse an African-American of any crime and anyone would listen solely based on the color of their skin. Picture this, a fight breaks out between some white and black young men who are riding as hoboes on a freight train in 1931. On the next stop, the nine African-American teenagers are arrested for assault and rape. Victoria Price and Ruby Bates, prostitutes, were the two white women who accuse the boys of rape, all of them go to nearby Scottsboro. While the women are examined the boys are in a holding cell. In a three-day period eight of the nine boys are tried, convicted, and sentenced to death, while the ninth, only thirteen is sentenced to life …show more content…
When the communities came together to attempt to face their issues it did not go over well, they all created more racial tension by pushing away the African-Americans in a hope that trying to get rid of them would solve their problems. In The Help the majority of the community tried to force their own “help” out of their lives, wanting to make a drastic change. In To Kill a Mockingbird the community showed that it really was a part of the South when it wrongfully convicted Tom Robinson of rape. Finally, in the Scottsboro Trial, the entire South came together to make sure that African-Americans knew that they would not get the justice they deserved in the South, quite yet. All three of the scenarios had their own aspect of the southern gothic genre, it being gender specific roles to the sickness that lies deep in the South. In To Kill a Mockingbird Aunt Alexandra pushed everyone as hard as she could to follow her gender roles, so society would work how she thought it should. In both The Help and the Scottsboro Trial the sickness of the South came out in full effect when the facts of the cases were revealed, but there continued to be the same outcome against the African-Americans. The South is so caught up in its own sickness that when it tried to tackle its issue of racism they could not, instead they had to push away reality and go back to their own version of reality,

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