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Kander and Ebb’s Scottsboro Boys was a gutty, heart-wrenching, laughter-ensuing conglomeration of a performance dealing with the prejudiced climate of the American South in the early 20th century. The story centered around a group of young black men who were falsely accused rape, leading to an uphill battle which could only be ended with death. Aside from the quite scene with a woman on a park bench, the production starts off with an energetic, in–your-face vigor as 11 black actors

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Kyle Scatliffe, who played the lead character gave a tremendous performance in terms of acting, where it was easy for a member of the audience to believe he was feeling real emotions. However, his vocal quality was a tad brassy, leaving one hoping for more at times, though his powerful acting and choreography more than made up for it. The two lead showmen, James T Lane and Forrest McClendon, proved to be the most dynamic in terms of acting and were constantly entertaining, whether they exemplified this in direct, apparent ways, or in subtle manners as reflected by their nuanced facial expressions. Their gradual shift from comical and goofy characters, to darker and more capricious character was well played.
The lighting of the set was picturesque and backed by a lot of power. In the introductory and concluding portions of the show, the lights were on full blast and one could realistically see the pores on the actors’ faces, which were often emitting goblets of sweat. Something about that lighting was like the difference between a 1080 high definition television and an old standard definition television from the eighties. Not only was the quality and intensity of the lighting effective, but it also accomplished a broad range of moods through the use of various lighting angles, which would cast intentionally placed shadows in complementary parts of the stage. The set in general was
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