Essay about Scientific Management

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Task 1a. “The cost of scientific management is the organized study of work, the analysis of work into simplest element and systematic management of worker’s performance of each element.”--- Peter Drucker. Scientific Management is a theory of management that analyzes and synthesizes workflows and its main objective is to improve economic efficiency, especially labor productivity (Mitcham, Carl and Adam, Briggle Management in Mitcham (2005). The two underlying assumptions under this theory are: (a) there is “one best way” to do a job and (b) workers are primarily motivated by increase earnings. Frederick Taylor’s philosophy focused the belief that making people work as hard as they could was not as efficient as optimizing the way the …show more content…
So in order to be efficient, one must know how to maximize his time in doing the job and organize things to make everything easier to accomplish, and this applies the scientific management. Maximization of time can be achieved by optimizing work. In order to optimize work, there should be an easier way to make it. One factor is to organized things in doing the job. When things have been organized step by step, everything will flow accordingly, then time will be lessen in accomplishing the job. That makes workers more efficient and productive and when workers are such, the economic also follows.
Taylor also developed four principles under scientific management. These are as follows: 1. Replace working by "rule of thumb," or simple habit and common sense, and instead use the scientific method to study work and determine the most efficient way to perform specific tasks.
Traditional management or working by the rule of thumb is defined as general principle that provides practical instructions for accomplishing or approaching a certain task (Investopedia). Experience and initiative is the main ingredient in this way of management. It is upon on the worker on how he will work on his job, and it seems that his performance depends on his experience and practice without relative knowledge on how things should be done. This way of management may come to be inefficient in the way that it requires more time in able to

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