Scientex Berhad Case Study

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Founded in Malaysia, Scientex Berhad became Sendririan Berhad in 1965 in the scientific textile industry. Scientex's core business is divided into two strategic business units, manufacturing and real estate development. (Refer Figure 1) Scientex Berhad manufactures and supplies different catogories products such as industrial packaging, consumer packaging, automotive interior and green energy products. Its industrial packaging products include stretch film, PP strapping band, FIBC bag, woven bag, HDPE and PP tying bag and corrugated carton box. (Refer Figure 2) The company provides TPO sheets and PVC and laminate to car assemblers and automotive manufacturers (Refer Figure 3) Scientex Berhad was founded in 1968 and listed on Bursa
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There are Board of Directors and Top management in organisation structure of Scientex Berhad.
The first obligation of the Chairman is to control and manage the Board and in the effective discharge of its supervisory part. Furthermore, the Chairman must ensure that the Board and the general meeting is in orderly and efficiently in conduct. Moreover, the Chairman must also ensure that all members of the Board has given out useful and facilitates effective contribution while in meeting. Lastly, the Chairman is to promote helpful and healthy working association with the Management while maintaining independence.
The first obligation of the Managing Director are in charge of the administration of the daily affairs of the group with such powers and authority as delegated by the Board. Secondly, Managing Director acts as liaison between Management and the Board. Furthermore, Managing Director ensures the financial reporting of the group are in compliance and properly maintained with existing laws and regulations. Lastly, Managing Director ensures the Management follow and implements all policies adopted by the Board. (Board Charter,
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To increase efficiency and better quality control, Scientex has been investing heavily in machinery and equipments tools. After our recent visit to the Pulau Indah-Port Klang stretch film factory, we have witnessed the efficiency improvements from the streamlined plant structure, the full automation of its machinery and equipments, as well as transportation segments and cost-saving from storage. For close to five decades, Scientex are going to planning to further expand the stretch film production capacity to 120,000 MT per annum by FY2011.The group also plans to increase the production capacity of PP strapping band from the current 16,200MT to 24,000MT in FY2013. Scientex is spending additional RM18m to improve facilities in stretch film and strapping product. (Refer Figure

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