Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics Essay

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs in schools have been a core focus in education under the Obama administration. These are fields that as country, we used to thrive in but in recent years, we have drastically fallen behind other leading countries, such as; China, Japan and Canada. It has been slightly less than half a century since we landed the first man on the moon, yet we have fallen to 27th in the world when it comes to our math test scores. The amount of students whom have chosen mathematics as a major of study has fallen drastically. Math is actually the most commonly avoided subject in both high school and college which severely limits the options in career choices for students, it also limits the amount of jobs that are being filled in quantitative positions.
Math provides us with a universal language that can surpass all other barriers between the different people that inhabit this planet. As we continue to fall behind the other countries in the world, we are greatly hindering ourselves and the possibilities for our economy. There are a large number of jobs in the STEM fields that we be popping up as we continue our technological advances as a country. This is a field that is never going to go away, numeracy pre dated written language.
The Math Lab that is provide at IUS is the perfect place for students to go to when they didn’t quite understand what their professor has been lecturing about. It gives them a second step to go to for…

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