Science : Religion And Science Essay

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Today, religion and science are often regarded as being in conflict with one another. Broadly speaking, these conflicts between religion and science occur in two ways: that science opposes religion and that religion opposes science. Science misunderstood is, indeed, a threat to religion. In theory, religion does not give answers, science does, and science does not give guidance, religion does. Both must therefore pose challenges to each other. Science challenges my Christian worldview of the spiritual idea of life by proposing the origin of the universe and of humanity, the purpose of human existence, the existence of God, and how one should relate to God in complete opposition to the Bible’s teachings. Various ways exist in which the Christian mindset of religion is considered to be in sheer conflict with science, not merely as offering an opposed hypothesis for the explanation of what subsists. Generally, science and religion pursue knowledge of the universe using different methodologies. For example, science acknowledges reason, pragmatism, and evidence, while religion tends to include faith and inviolability. Each is in competition for cultural authority. Either science sets the standards for truth to which religion must adhere or be dismissed, or religion sets the standard to which science must conform. In Religion and Science, Bertrand Russell insists that these two forces cannot coexist. Religion asks about the meaning and value of things whereas…

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