A Career As A Science Major

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Science major is one of my passions since I had taken Biology and Chemistry classes at high school. At that time, I have found myself significantly interested in remembering and understanding the morphologies and characteristics of animals, and microorganisms, as well as learning how the chemical substances are reacted or separated from each other. This passion continuously goes with me until I have attended to California community college. Before considering about the main major, I spend time to do some online career tests to check for my personalities, such as MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicators), which I have received the result for my personality as the Idealist. This result has encouraged me a lot to go with science field, where
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In the next step, I began to search and select main major and specific university 's website, which I aim to attend in the future.I, then, read carefully their educational categories and transfer requirement. To be more sufficient, I went to counselor several times to search for the advice. ASSIST website also assist me to follow the guideline of my major. Finally, I have chosen Pharmaceutical Science or Environment Science as main major. One of the reasons for Pharmaceutical Science is that I have a deep interest in analyzing chemical and compounding the medicine. Moreover, I would like to have a deeper knowledge, which can lead me to develop the other medicine that can help to improve the safety and healthy for the society. Meanwhile, Environment Science interest me because I like use my knowledge to solve the issue of air and water pollution by applying chemistry or microbiology approach, such as microbiological applications in sewage treatment. In order to have a strong background and prepare for upper-division courses at the university, I have taken basic science classes, such as Biology, Chemistry, calculus, microbiology and English. I believe that the strong scienctific background I have learned in ELAC will help me to achieve better knowledge at the

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