Science Is Not An Objective Of Social Values Essay example

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Scientific findings are often taken to be a final authority and science is often presented or interpreted as inerrant or objective to social values. The recency with which non-binary and transgender identities have come into social discussion has sparked controversy due to the way in which transgender identities challenge a long accepted societal idea of a strict gender binary. Many people have thus turned to science to find answers. Online forums and blogs are full of questions and comments all wondering “Has science proved transgender identities exist?”. While the question itself is misinformed due to social nature of gender identity, it indicates another salient issue within Western society, considering science to be value free. Completely objective science is not an achievable goal is a society so strongly influenced and driven by social hierarchies and norms. While a scientific or “biological” explanation for diverse gender identities would be comforting in some respects, blindly waiting for scientists to feed the public facts based on societal assumptions does nothing but help further perpetuate societal ideals. Identifying the assumptions that feed into and support a binary gender system is a necessary step in producing science that does not simply feed back into and support its’ society’s ideas of gender and sex.
One of the strongest explanations for a binary gender system is the evolutionary evidence of two sexes with different sex chromosomes that allow for…

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