Summer Science Institute Reflection

Summer Science Institute Reflection Paper
Collaboration is a vital part of any educator 's success. Anytime teacher are able to get together to discuss curriculum or other parts of the learning process improvements can happen. During the two days of the Summer Science Institute I was able to work with not only members of my own department but also teachers across the district. Working on the standards we will be using is extremely important to me. I value the direction and framework the give to support my teaching. I think as a district-wide department we were able to focus much of that. Using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) takes a great deal of time to pick apart. Working with people who have implemented them before helps to give perspective on what we are doing.
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It might not be possible to take every student to Door County but the knowledge I gained I will be able to share with them. I think the most important thing I took away from the field trip is how to pose better questions. Giving students questions that force them to explore their previous knowledge to create and explanation helps them better process the situation and propose a solution. I look forward to working with my collages to create these questions, in varying levels for my students. My favorite part of the field trip was seeing active valuable research being completed. This will be used interactionally. Having this example of a non-university setting research can gives students real world examples of the importance of understanding the process of science. I see such value in this research not only to learn abou the flowers but also to help students see the importances of well done research and teamwork. This also allows them to see that science is never done. We are learning new things everyday.
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