Essay Science Has Changed Our Lives

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Society has been transforming ever since people could make note, and consequently, so has science. Science has indeed impacted society and continues to influence it until the present. It has changed what we believe and how we live our lives. By improving our lives, science has given mankind the chance to consider such concerns as education, justice, and even ethics; to create civilizations, and to enhance human living/conditions. But it has also given us the power to be able to cause destruction among all improvements made. By immensely changing our perspectives of food, quality/length of our lifespans, and even changed our moral principles and the best philosophies ever known to humankind; science has immeasurably ameliorated society.

One of the many adjustments that we have encountered within our society today is our lifespans here on Earth. Since mankind was first to make notice of their existence, there wasn’t much life to an individual. You were expected to live some good 30 years or such, bring a new life in the world save the human race from an extension, and then get buried underground. Though it may sound a bit pessimistic, it was truth in the matter; however, since our knowledge of science has grown, we have been able to make a difference. According to National Center for Health Statistics, life expectancy has now risen to the age of about 78.8 years to an average person, then compared living up to 47 years in the 1900’s. This is a major development; not only are…

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