Essay Science Fiction : Jekyll And Hyde

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Science Fiction and Science Fiction in Jekyll and Hyde
There are elements in the story of Jekyll and Hyde that make it appear to be both science fiction and fiction about science. The novella is based on an occurrence that stems from science, however is not probable in the world, and therefore it must be looked at as science fiction. The ability for a drug to morph someone into a completely different person is otherworldly, and must be thought of as an element of science. The story is told in third person- creating an outside narrator, although we see the figure of the lonely scientist in Dr. Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll not only mentally furthers himself from society, but at times (when he becomes Mr. Hyde) is completely absent from society; “Henry Jekyll stood at times aghast before the acts of Edward Hyde; but the situation was apart from ordinary laws, and insidiously relaxed the grasp of conscience. It was Hyde, after all, and Hyde alone, that was guilty. Jekyll was no worse; he woke again to his good qualities seemingly unimpaired; he would even make haste, where it was possible, to undo the evil done by Hyde. And thus his conscience slumbered.” (88). As Hyde takes over Jekyll’s body, Jekyll loses sense of his consciousness. As Utterson grows more weary of Dr. Jekyll, the imagery of isolation deepens; Mr. Poole asks Utterson over because Jekyll has been locked in his room for days on end. Furthermore, the element of the isolated narrator is also present in the way the story is…

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