Science Fiction And V For Vendetta

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Films throughout our history have been used to drive how we think. One film type that is genius at portraying these topics is science fiction. From this genre, there has emerged one film in particular that has and will continue to influence America’s behavior—V for Vendetta. Together, I will show how science fiction and V for Vendetta were strengthened in the technical aspect, how they have been influenced by American culture, and how, in turn, they have influenced American culture.
Science fiction in and of its self is generally destructive or futuristic. There’s always some sort of information or technology that can bring harm (or cloaked help) to the human race. Generally, science fiction films are predictive in nature, so they are a lot
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Suddenly, it showed someone who would normally be a terrorist (by today’s standards), attempting to kill people and overthrow the government. He was willing to die for his people, his views and his stance. Whether people want to admit it or not, that plot line has influenced the way we think. We view people that stand up to the government as heroes whereas before they may have been viewed as seditious or an anarchist (like the time that Guy Fawkes was put to death for his actions). Additionally, anonymous leaks, similar to the information that V distributes to the people, are welcomed by the public, whereas before they were viewed as scandalous (or at the very least, quickly controlled by public figureheads). Today, V for Vendetta’s influence on America can be seen all over. One of its most infamous attributes is the use of the “Anonymous Mask.” Which is simply V’s mask (the Guy Fawkes mask) that he used in the film to maintain his anonymity. This mask can be commonly found when people are protesting tyranny/oppression by the government. I think that this film gave people hope. It allowed them to realize that one person really can make a difference. And, although V was a fictitious character, his predecessor was not. Guy Fawkes wanted to change the religious views that the King of England had, but the King refused. Fawkes refused to be silenced, so he attempted to blow up parliament to make a difference to his religion and people. He was put to death for his actions. However, his ideals and the purpose he was driving, is still being told today through his mask and the people striving to stand up for a

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