Essay on Science Fiction And V For Vendetta

1440 Words Dec 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Films throughout our history have been used to drive how we think. One film type that is genius at portraying these topics is science fiction. From this genre, there has emerged one film in particular that has and will continue to influence America’s behavior—V for Vendetta. Together, I will show how science fiction and V for Vendetta were strengthened in the technical aspect, how they have been influenced by American culture, and how, in turn, they have influenced American culture.
Science fiction in and of its self is generally destructive or futuristic. There’s always some sort of information or technology that can bring harm (or cloaked help) to the human race. Generally, science fiction films are predictive in nature, so they are a lot easier for people to relate to. It allows people to day-dream and put themselves into this fictitious world, where they are invincible. For this reason, science fiction can be as dramatic or as reigned-in as the director prefers. In reference to this fact, the technological advancement over the last couple of decades has made all of the difference in just how far science fiction can push the limits. Before, a lot of creativity using puppets, Claymation, and props were relied on. Now, there’s enough green screening, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), and special effects that the only real limit is the imagination. However, not all science fiction relies on this technology to make their movies pack a punch. One example is V for Vendetta.…

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