Science Fair Fun Rhetorical Analysis

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Basic Rhetoric Analysis of Science Fair Fun Booklet

The purpose of this memo is to analyze the booklet titled Science Fair Fun, written by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER). This booklet will be evaluated on how it incorporates Markel’s six main characteristics of technical documentations effectively. The analysis will be written with sections categorized by the six characteristics.

Summary of the Booklet

The booklet, published by United States Environmental Protection Agency in December 2000, is for teachers and students in grade 6 to 8 trying to conduct an environmental science project based on reduce, reuse, and recycle (3R). The booklet starts with general note for the primary audiences, stated above, introducing them to the purpose, guidelines and limitation of this booklet. Then, the table of contents is followed by a “Getting Started” page which helps the audiences to grasp the use of this booklet as a guide and also the background of the organization. The concept of 3R is also introduced. The next few pages include detailed steps of conducting a project, multiple sample projects
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The basic structure and simple vocabulary used in the booklet is suitable for the grade 6-8 students which are the main audience. The authors address the readers well, reflected by guidelines and sample projects that are easy to follow. The authors assume this set of audiences are exposed to the subject at hand in school explaining by the lack of in-depth definition that are only included in the glossary on page 10. The use of English throughout the document without any foreign translation caters to United States schools which have English as their first

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