Science : Facts Making Theories Or Theories Making Facts? Essay

2413 Words Nov 17th, 2016 10 Pages
Science: Facts Making Theories or Theories Making Facts? Are scientists using the facts to form the theories of science or are they making theories then hoping that the facts fit the theory? If the facts do not fit, does science pursue the facts and the root of the facts searching for truth or do scientists ignore the facts if they do not fit and instead pursue to prove their theories by other means? Science has always been a field where the inquisitive may go to seek truth and to pursue answers to the questions that only the courageous are willing to ask. For example: “where did we come from?” Despite the different answers that have arisen, none have been so strongly seized as the answer of evolution. It has been grasped so tightly that science is now split between those who believe that science as a whole has now begun a self-defeating spiral of not allowing the facts to surface, and those who believe that science has finally found the truth and should never let go. Has the sanctity of science been soiled, or has it truly found the truth? Macroevolution is what many would say is the basis of scientific acceptance regarding the process or growth of all life. Many scientists and non-scientists (the majority population) would say that the argument of how life began and continued is settled, however the facts seen in science would argue otherwise, along with proponents of Intelligent Design and Christians. My view, a Christian perspective, of macroevolution is set in place…

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