Science Essay

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I've been asked this same question many times before and it has always been the hardest for me to answer. My enthusiasm for the sciences and mathematics didn't emerge in one crystallizing moment or epiphany, but rather evolved over time. Curiosity has always been a defining quality of mine, probably ever since I was a young boy watching "The Magic School Bus" and reading "ZooBooks". A general yearning for discovering new things, regardless of topics or delivery via books, television, or teacher, was the first step to spark my interest in science. Later as a middle school student, I became much more aware that I enjoyed and excelled in science and math more than any other subjects. Entering into my middle school's math and science …show more content…
The more math I learned, the more math I want to continue to learn defining equations that one day can impact the world. My enthusiasm for science and mathematics has truly grown. As a result of all of the above steps in my life, I have become a student who excels extremely well in both science and mathematics, who has identified what specific field and career he intends to pursue, and one that has embraced every opportunity accessible to in order to experience and accomplish as much as possible in these fields. So in short, my curiosity, desire to learn, ambition, and developed talent were the main components to what has led me to my passion for science and mathematics. As I learned about Biology, Chemistry and Physics through course work and conducting my own research projects in these fields. I have come to the realization that my absolute main fascination is in Physics. Specifically, fields including Particle Physics and Astrophysics, along with also identifying that I much prefer theory over experimentation (the two main divides that separate all work in physics). My future plans include completing a double major in physics and computer science at a top-rated college by continuing to obtaining hands on real-world problem solving with leading innovators in science and technology. I then plan on attending graduate school to earn my masters and Ph.D. in physics, possibly focusing on astrophysical research. As a post-doc I will seek out "soft money"

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