Science And The Scientific Method

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Science, unlike other disciples of learning, does not follow a strictly chronologically linear perspective. Where Math and English will follow from point A to point B, science cant start from point C follow to point B back track to point C then follow through to point A. Science is a very interesting subject in that one can start collecting a set of data and follow through to finding a question to answer with this data or start with a question to answer and proceed with collecting data to prove or disprove the originally asked question and find a different one. It allows for understanding of the world around both on a large scale or even that of a small scale. Science is a method of going about with a question and collected data and arriving …show more content…
Lawson feels that the Scientific Method is the main one of choice, as it is the strongest method of going about while Bonner believes that the two methods, method A and method B, should be used for what best helps in the learning process as well as which works best for the user of each method. In Bonner 's paper he mentions how the Scientific Method is all but abandoned in his field of science as it is not the most beneficial for going about garnishing a question and using the data sets correctly where-as it is used almost solely in a colleagues course of research in a different field of study. Because of this Bonner believe there to be two different and equally important methods of studying and researching science. (2) On the other hand Lawson acknowledges that there may be two types of scientific route but feels that the Scientific Method is the stronger one as the hypothesis guides the research instead of the research guiding the hypothesis allowing for the Scientific Method to enable scientists and students alike to better come to the correct destination in research. (3) Both Lawson and Bonner note that students are being turned away from science in general because of either the lack of credibility to the Scientific Method or the incorrect use of it in original teachings of it to students that Hutto has written about. Hutto writes that from an early age teachers and the curriculum that they use negatively teaches students how to go about formulating a hypothesis in which they ask a random question to go about their project instead of trying to discern an actual hypothesis about the subject matter. Hutto feels that the teaching of science needs to change in, then, upcoming board meetings to better teach students the importance of researching matters and formulating correct hypothesis and data collection

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