Science And The Overall Concept Of Science Changes Essay

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What constitutes science and the overall concept of science changes, expands, and develops throughout history. More specifically, science can be seen as a dynamic entity. Therefore, through the centuries, based on the differing beliefs of scientists, medical practitioners, etc., science went through a change. Because this change was affected by new and differing scientific belief systems, observations, and experimentations, each theory of science, either old or new, was questioned on its validity and reliability. Consequently, the change in science and what “science” meant for learned physicians was dependent on whether they believed this science had any validity and was reliable and applicable. Moreover, this change was also linked to people’s perceptions on how much they believed in the science. If people began to question the science and the individuals who practiced it, they would then start to question its reliability as well. It is, therefore, the questioning of the reliability and validity of the science that makes the science change, hence, giving it new meaning to the physicians who practice it. This was seen in with the scientific changes in the pre-modern West as well as in the post-18th century. New and upcoming scientists and medical physicians would re-evaluate previous scientific knowledge and ascertain whether or not it was still valid and reliable in the modern context. While there are a number of specific examples that show scientific validity and…

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