Science And Technology Within The Educational Sector Essay

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Technology and science are two interrelated subject fields both constantly experiencing new developments, discoveries, and challenges. The two subject areas work hand-in-hand together to provide adequate solutions and advancements to meet the needs of our ever-changing society. In a 1998 world conference, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) discussed the growing influence science had on society, analysing the considerable measures of public mistrust of science and fear of technology that existed within (UNESCO, 1998). Whilst such concern of mistrust and fear would appear to no longer exist due to the growth and willingness society now display in the use and development of science and technology, there is the concern of the impact that the confidence and quality of teaching teachers possess regarding science and technology within the educational sector (UNESCO, 2010). From the early eighties onwards science and technology have been considered compulsory learning areas, and from this point onwards concern has been raised about the lacking of adequate knowledge teachers seem to possess of science and science materials (Harlen, Holroyd &Byrne, 1995), which in turn has been impacting on the standard of knowledge and knowledge itself that students gain access to. This is a contemporary issue that seems to not only be faced by nations across the world but also across Australia. Stated by the European Commission (2007), schooling in science is…

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