Science And Science Essay

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Science, unlike other disciples of learning, does not follow a strictly chronologically linear perspective. Where Math and English will follow from point A to point B, science cant start from point C follow to point B back track to point C then follow through to point A. Science is a very interesting subject in that one can start collecting a set of data and follow through to finding a question to answer with this data or start with a question to answer and proceed with collecting data to prove or disprove the originally asked question and find a different one. It allows for understanding of the world around both on a large scale or even that of a small scale. Science is a method of going about with a question and collected data and arriving at an understanding of what both of those end up meaning. An example of this is one of Lawson 's papers in which they go about trying to discover how salmon navigate back to their original spawning grounds by blind folding salmon and not blindfolding other salmon in their control group to ascertain whether or not salmon navigate via sight. When this failed to produce beneficial results it was noted they may have had problems with the variables in the such as that the fish may have been able to see either through or around this blindfold as they could not completely disprove or approve their hypothesis. They then went on to plugging the fishes nostrils to see whether or not they navigated by smell in a similar fashion to another breed of…

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