Science And Religion : Uncompromising War? Essay

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Science and Religion: Uncompromising war?

A critique “God, Science, and Imagination” by Wendell Berry is a bombardment review on “Without God” by Steven Weinberg. The author refutes the claim – nonexistence of God by Steven Weinberg citing everyone has his/her opinion to put forward and the essay “Without God” is a mere opinion of Steven. The author is right that everyone has his/her opinion about God and science and it a never ending debate, however, everyone should respect the opposing ideas and they should not be hurting each others. While the author criticizes about Prof. Weinberg’s opinion, he overlooks the achievements and progression human passed through from scientific discoveries.

It is always better to cite anything with third person prospectus. The author condemns the way Weinberg talked about religion while mentioning that he didn’t want to hurt anyone but fairer view recognizes that Weinberg, being as a physicist, has more to contribute to science than religion and his approach not to hurt the feeling of theists is appreciable. Why would a physicist support about the unknown fact about religion and the traditional beliefs? As a physicist, Weinberg should be more concerned about scientific innovation. I am with the author that Weinberg is more concerned about religion and is prattling on minor issues. To the author, the discoveries in chemistry, nuclear physics and genetic engineering seems to hamper our world but it would have been difficult even for Berry if…

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