Galileo And The Murder Of Leonardo Vetra

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Science and religion are two of the most powerful forces in the world known to date and have coexisted in time forever but have always disagreed. Science is the discovering things about the world and how they work, such as photosynthesis in flowers. Religion is belief or faith in a higher power such as God or Jesus. Three examples of how science and religion do not coexist are when the Camerlengo speaks to BBC news about science, The heliocentric theory proposed by Galileo, and the murder of Leonardo Vetra
The first example of how science and religion do not exist are when the Camerlengo speaks to BBC after the killings of the Cardinals. “to the Illuminati and to those of science, let me say this you have won the war.” (page 318) This is said
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Vetra was a top physicist in CERN and made many discoveries but, he was also a Catholic priest. “There was one recurring thing, it was that science and religion have been oil and water since day one… Archenemies… unmixable.” This quote was said by Robert Langdon after seeing Vetra’s scientific lab which had religious items all around it. Vetra was a very uncommon scientist because of his love of religion as well and had helped prove that many things were, in fact, god creation. This was what ultimately got him killed by the Illuminati because of his two-way beliefs and wanting the public to believe it as well. Robert was almost a payback for the church waging war on science. The church has stopped half the schools from teaching evolution and is the most influential lobby against the progression of …show more content…
The Camerlengo said that science and religion are at war to the world and that science now has an answer to everything. People are now saved by medicine not faith and that is proven by Kohler being saved by medicine, not faith, in fact, faith almost killed him. The church will also kill people to make sure they keep power such as the four Illuminati members and putting Galileo under house arrest. The church also tries to keep the world from knowing science such as evolution is not taught and protests it every chance they get. For these reasons, I believe that science and religion do not

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