Science And Religion Are Completely Irreconcilable Essay

1065 Words Nov 21st, 2016 5 Pages
I do not believe that science and religion are completely irreconcilable, though this balanced relationship may not be achieved in this lifetime or the next. This society has encouraged a competitive “us” vs. “them” world view, where your opinion is always right and anyone who disagrees is automatically wrong, removing the option to even consider or compromise with the other point of view. With that being said, in a perfect world where respect is given to both sides and compromise is common, I favor the belief that science and religion can be reconciled to complement each other, with two complementary books: “…the book of nature [science] and the book of scripture [the Bible]” (Dixon 17). There in fact are times in the past when science and religion have been at peace (Larson 21; Dixon 18), though sometimes it can be at the reduction or diminishing of one side or the other. Whether one side isn’t heard or certain aspects are ignored, no one is completely happy with the outcome. Whether or not they voice their complaints is often determined by the societal environment and how called they may feel to crusade for their cause. I believe that the two sides (religion and science) are opposites and that opposites can in fact attract each other, but extremists, who speak the loudest and make the most drama for the media and the gossips often act as though the two sides cannot be reconciled and block out any opportunity to allow anything else to be correct. In the Larson…

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