Science And Religion : A Field Of Study Essay

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Science and religion are two words that are assumed to oppose each other due to the factual, logical basis of science and the faith in the unknown presented in religion. Yet these two disciplines share many commonalities and interactions that lead to the development of a field of study. Alfred White Northhead, a Protestant theologian, exceptionally expressed that God and nature work as one, indicating any change in the science nature, should lead to an alteration with how society comprehends God. (Olsen, 2) Throughout this paper it will be clear that science and religion are a field due to the commonalities the disciplines share, the overlap of knowledge seen in both topics and importantly the dispersion of the work among academics. This field has been active in the educational system relatively recently starting with a greater push in the1990 's. (Earth Institute, "Mission") This being said in order to amount to the field it is presented as today, it had to grow and develop over the years. Since the start of science, religion had been present in powerful quantities. Religion had been influential in Europe prior, during and even after the middle ages. (Olsen, 2) Throughout this time, developments were made that merged religious beliefs and scientific principles, in order to gain a fuller understanding of the universe. Ultimately, the rise of the science and religion as a field is a result of influential public figures, who urged individuals to view outside scripture, a…

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