Science And Public Speaker From Europe Essays

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Professor M. Csikszentmihaly is a unique psychologist and public speaker from Europe. He has developed a technique to make a speech flow by using his research on how and what makes people the happiest. His desire to find out what makes a person happy has led him to spend most of his life trying to find the answer to the question, “How is it that fewer grown-ups are happy in their natural setting?” Similarly, he wanted to know what contributed to making a person live happy. Based on his research on the underlying reasons as to what makes a person want to live happy, he found it could be related to how they live their lives in general.
Csikszentmihaly researched many areas trying to find out the answers to his questions, which led him to the arts, and religion. His study of psychology also led him to try to understand the roots of happiness. Along with his knowledge, his continuous research helped him discover that most people today do not lead a very happy life. Even though some people have more money in their hands, they are still not emotionally happy.
In his speech he mentions how people with less material items have the same level of happiness as people with more. This is a very interesting fact, given that we always hear that money does not buy happiness. It really proves that having material items in our lives will not change our feelings. Of course today people stride for more and more according to Csikszentmihaly’s research; however, unfortunately only about thirty…

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