Shelley And Atwood Analysis

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Both novelists appear to be attempting to deconstruct the nature/culture and masculine/feminine dichotomy, by showing that a balance is needed. By looking at culture as the newly developing culture of progress through science, an explicit connection between science and culture – where men are in control of both – is created. Women are portrayed within both novels as 'natural' whereas as men portray a more cultural aspect of society, the authors are highlighting that a balance is needed between the two. Nature is deemed to be feminine and culture is always considered to masculine, both Atwood and Shelley highlight that the natural aspects within their novels through the use of the sublime within Shelley’s novel and the nature of the task given …show more content…
Shelley displays Victor’s experimentation with science as destructive, and Atwood highlights the bad things that scientific progression can bring to a post-apocalyptic society. Firstly, Atwood’s protagonist, Offred was forced to become a handmaid after an apocalyptic event drastically changed the society that she lived in. Atwood created this dystopian society to highlight what she thinks about the progression of science. Although in Gilead they portray scientific progression as evil and as a society they wish to go back to simpler times, the heads of the patriarchal society use some aspects of scientific development to their benefit – as a means of controlling the people and maintaining power. The government within Gilead control everything and have forced American citizens to live in their totalitarian society, they control technology and who has access to it. This is evident when, Offred is watching television and certain channels are blocked – most likely because they could be playing that could threaten the societal system of Gilead. This is similar to how the government in China blocks access to social media sites, meaning that none of their citizens have access to things like Facebook or twitter. Gilead uses technological advancements to spy on its citizens, when Offred and Ofglen are at “soul scrolls” she is at first cautious that someone may be listening to their conversations but she says “there are no mics here” – because it is a supposedly ‘holy place’ because prayers are being printed. The facts that the government uses “mics” to listen to conversations suggests that they know that not all technology is bad, but still do not allow the people to have it because not having any technology makes the people of

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