Science And Astronomy : The Earth, Water, Air, And Fire Essay

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Humans have the tendency to attribute natural phenomenon to external and powerful forces, but in reality this events can be attribute to a radical alternative which states the world functions according to certain rules that are inherent in nature, no direct actions by gods. In addition the Earth consist of four basic elements which combined make all material on Earth: the earth, water, air, and fire.
Science and Astronomy have roots in Greek thinkers. One of the most influential to Astronomy was Aristotle, he developed the theories about how the universe is structured and how it functions. According to him, the Earth lies unmoving at the center of the universe and its shape is round. The sun, the moon, and stars all circle the earth. The stars circle more quickly (23 hrs 56 min), the sun little slower (24 hrs), and the moon the slowest (24 hr 48 min).
Regardless of his scientific approach, he never dismissed a supernatural power- a single supreme God, who made possible the movement of the sun, moon, and the starts, which moved because of mechanical device powered by a source called- Prime Mover. Based on observations of the eclipse of the moon, he also concluded that the Earth is round.
Currently, was can make the same conclusion by observing the stars in Kentucky such as Sirius, but if we travel south to Florida, we will also observe other stars that are not visible here as Canopus in addition to Sirius.
All things in Earth have a natural tendency to move on straight…

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