Sci/241 Final Project Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

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Throughout this paper you will find that it is going to be discussing many things. Some of those things are to describe a current health problem or nutritional need that I may be experiencing, four nutritional or physical exercise goals, the actions taken to meet each goal, the anticipated setbacks or difficulties and the approaches to overcome them, the outcomes by which to measure success, evidence of the plans effectiveness by addressing the identified problem or need, and the evaluation of potential health risks that may develop if the plan is not implemented. So basically this paper is going to be about a realistic nutrition and exercise plan that best suits me. A current health problem that I am facing is the fact that I am …show more content…
Also a setback could be if the restaurant does not offer fruits and vegetables. The only setback that I can think of while using the pedometer would be the fact that I forget to set it beside my bed or next to my shoes. That would make it difficult for me to remember to put it on each day. A setback to creating a list of the foods that I need to by before going to the grocery would be to forget to make one and going to the grocery without it. I believe if I did this I would be more tempted to buy the foods I do not need because I do not have my list and would be more tempted to look around more than what I would if I would have made a list. With a list you can get in get what you want and then get out. The approaches for overcoming the setbacks for not exercising 30 minutes a day would be to get up in the morning and do my exercises. This way I know I have got my time in each morning and won’t have to worry about finding time throughout the day to exercise. An approach for overcoming the setback for not substituting unhealthy foods for healthy foods in a restaurant because they may not have it would be to plan ahead. In other words pick out a restaurant beforehand that I know will substitute healthy food for unhealthy foods. An approach I can do for overcoming the setback for not remembering to lay my pedometer next to my bed or by my shoes would be to have my husband remind me in case I do forget. This way if I do not

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