Schools Should Not Use Internet Filters Essay

765 Words Dec 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Have you ever been connected to a school network or internet and encountered a filter? Of course you have! This makes you angry because you were trying to do an honest mans work and your websites have been blocked due to the overprotection of your superiors! According to the The American Association of School Librarians (AASL), ninety four percent of United States schools use internet filters. Students should not be required to use internet blockers because: they often restrict access to websites that can be used for academic purpose, they stop kids from learning responsibility with the web, and instead diverting the students attention away from games and other sites, it diverts their attention to learning how to get around these filters. Schools should not use internet filters because they often restrict access to websites that can be used for academic purposes. This can vary because internet filters use different restrictions depending on how strict they are set. Regardless, it can be argued that every website can be used for honest and academic purposes. For example, Youtube is a popular video website that holds millions of videos on many subject matters. Many students like to use these short videos to enhance a presentation they are doing. Unfortunately, it is blocked; preventing the education of students. Another example might be ESPN. This is a sports website which holds statistics and news on almost every sport. If one is writing a paper on a sports team, they will…

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