Schools Should Conduct Drug Testing Essay

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Most participants of competitive collegiate extracurricular activities to include athletics, ROTC, and some student organizations are subject to drug testing. A drug is defined as any substance that alters one’s ability to function emotionally, physiologically, intellectually, fanatically, or socially (Goldberg, 2014, p. 3). For this reason, drug testing is something that has become common to many programs and is usually outlined in the rules and regulations of an organization. Usually a member is subject to an initial screening prior to officially joining the organization, and then random testing throughout their involvement in the organization. I personally think schools should conduct drug testing on students who participate in competitive extracurricular activities (including athletics and school clubs), as it helps to maintain fairness and promotes healthy habits and sound decision-making among students and peers.
Strong arguments have been made against drug testing in extracurricular activities on the basis that doing so violates the privacy and fairness of those students being tested. What those who support this view fail to consider is that participating in an extracurricular activity is a choice and a privilege. If students feel that drug testing is indeed imposing on their privacy, they maintain the right to withdraw from the activity at any time. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that drug testing does not violate a student-athlete’s right to privacy…

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