Schools Need A Complete Transformation Essay

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In The Washington Post, author and teacher Marion Brady issued an unexpected and judicious message: “Schools need a complete transformation in what and how students learn.” Not soon after, Brady speaks discusses the flawed exercise of standardized testing and claims, “Using the scores on standardized tests to shape the life chances of kids, determine the pay and reputations of teachers, gauge the quality of school administrators, establish the worth of neighborhood schools, or as an excuse to hand public schools over to private, profit-taking corporations is, at the very least irresponsible… it’s unethical.” Appalled, Brady exposes numerous overlooked errors while challenging a transformation to the State. With over one and a half million students taking standardized tests this issue is not easily dismissed (Fletcher). Marion Brady started his teaching career in 1952 teaching in a smaller rural community (“Reality Based Learning…”). Later in his career teaching an eleventh grade English class, he discovered something he believed was extremely important: which ultimately explains his negative stance concerning standardized testing. A class discussion began among the students about an irrelevant topic that led to questioning and eagerness among the class. Soon it became a class project that Brady believed was without doubt the most successful and memorable for a very interesting reason: “Real-World rather than theoretical” (Brady). The reason the project was such a success…

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