Schools Should Make School Lunches

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School lunches are being complained about, saying the food does not taste good, or saying the food is unhealthy. Many people complain that children are becoming obese, but sometimes they need the help of others to stop them from becoming even more obese. Besides the fact that children are getting obese, they are becoming unhealthier. Food at school should look and taste appetizing. The food at school does not seem or look fresh. To help the children be healthier the school should not be giving fried food. The schools should also add a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables. Schools should also add healthier food to help the children get through the day. School lunches might be the only lunch some kids receive, so the schools should make the …show more content…
School lunches should help decrease the amount of how many children are obese. As well as the unhealthiness of a child. Even if a child is not obese, they could still be unhealthy. I have a cousin who is a skinny tall boy and works out everyday, or plays a sport, Even though he does exercise and is skinny, his arteries are getting clogged up because of how unhealthy the food that he eats is. Even though people find obesity a huge problem, there are kids who are not obese, yet have an illness caused by unhealthy eating, School lunches should work on the unhealthiness of their food. If the schools do not have enough money to buy all the fruit, or all the healthy food, they could start a fundraiser or use the money they use for the unhealthy food to buy healthier food. A solution to stop the obesity rate to increase is to give healthier food. People may say the child could start exercising more and not be so lazy, but the percentage of losing weight and being healthy is 805, the rest would depend on exercising. Even if a kid decided to exercise, but continued eating all the unhealthy food they would not see any results happening. Some people may say that if students do not like the food at school they could just bring a lunch from their house. The problem there is, students will still take junk food because it is the easiest to grab in the morning. Another problem people might think of is the cost of the healthy food, well the food pantry may be able to donate some healthy food that they have, and we could start fundraisers to get money to buy healthy

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