Essay about Schools Are The Most Diverse Places Within The United States

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Schools are the most diverse places within the United States. It is a place where children from all over the world come together. Today teachers must tap into the culture of their students, make students aware of diversity, and making teachers aware of diversity.
“The cultural interplay between teachers, students, parents, and their school produces a context within which significant culture learning can occur” (Textbook page 112). Creating an understanding of the culture in which your students are from allows you to properly teach them. As Lisa Delpit puts it, “They knew the students. That’s really the only way to teach...Teaching is all about telling a story. You have to get to know kids so you’ll know how to tell the story, you can’t tell it just one way” (Delpit 120). When it comes to teaching, you must look through the lens of the students. In doing so you will establish a great relationship with your students since you will be seeing what they need and how to meet those needs. As Gloria Ladson-Billing says, “educators traditionally have attempted to insert culture into education, instead of inserting education into the culture” (Ladson-Billing page 1). Encourage your students do fulfill their dreams and remind them they are perfect the way they are and to embrace what makes them unique.
Making students aware of diversity is definitely a challenge. Some student may grow up in a small town where everyone around them is like them. Pamela Perry states, “teaching students…

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