Essay on Schools Are The Church School And The Christian School

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The two schools I would like to take the time to compare are very similar, yet vastly different. These schools are the Church school and the Christian school. I have personally have been in both types of schools. I attended the North Platte Baptist School for most of my schooling. I went to the Shenandoah Baptist Academy for one year out of my education. North Platte Baptist School is a church school and Shenandoah Baptist Academy is a Christian school. Many people would think there is no huge difference between these two schools, but there are many. I would like to start out by noting a few key points about the two schools for a better understanding. Shenandoah Baptist Academy was the Christian school I attended when I was at the girl’s home. It is a school that uses the ACE curriculum. North Platte Baptist School is the church school that I graduated from. It uses the ACE curriculum as well. Similarly, they are both founded and centered upon the Holy Word of God. Naturally, both schools operated pretty much the same as far as schedule is concerned. However, these are probably the only few similarities between the two schools.
The average person would think there are little to almost no differences. After attending both schools, I can testify from experience, that there are more differences than there are similarities. For example, one school is a closed enrollment church school and the other is a limited enrollment Christian school. Even though both Shenandoah Baptist…

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