Schooling The Imagination Reflection

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On Monday September 11th of 2017 my group and I presented chapter two “Schooling the Imagination.” Frankly I arrived late to the presentation because I ran to go make copies in the only place I could the library. When I did arrive I tried my best to be involved. At first forgot to present myself but did towards the end. I made myself responsible of presenting the class with an activity about the different perceptions of color. Then read to the class journal entries which they had to respond to. In my point of view, the team didn’t have equal participation because I was not present for most of the time. Even though, my participation in the presentation seemed minimum it still involved great parts of my ideas. For one, I was the one that constructed …show more content…
For one, organizing a day to meet up was inconvient since one person was only available for two hours. The group believed it would only take that long organize the presentation. However, my commute is about two hours since I live in Los Angeles. I couldn't meet up but offered to video call or share a word document. The day of the gathering was canceled and a word document was shared between each other. I typed down many ideas which didn’t make the cut for the PowerwPoint. Another challenge was that I believed the journal entries were supposed to be presented at the beginning. From my understanding journal entries are a journal prompt for students to respond as they enter class. I had mentioned it twice in the group message, but never received a response. In the end just gave into placing them towards the end because the rest of the group wanted it that way. The day of the presentation another challenge appear. In my arrival I expressed to the team that I would like to present most of what was left of the PowerPoint. However, one teammate denied my proposal by stating that “most of use haven't even talked much so don't.” In comparison I hadn't talked as much as any of them since I wasn't present. In the end, the presentation came to an end and I apologized to my group for not being present for most of it. I congratulated them and wished I could have done more to be

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