School Uniforms Should Not Be Mandatory

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School Uniforms Should Not Be Mandatory
Many private schools have made school uniforms mandatory for the students that attend these schools. The school uniform serves as a sense of pride for the students who attend these schools as well as from staff. School is a social environment where children can express themselves as they form relationships with their peers. There is a constant debate on if school uniforms should be mandated in public schools. Research has suggested that school uniforms has contributed to a decrease in school violence as well as establishing an environment where students are not singled out individually. However further research has suggested that mandatory school uniform policies does not contribute significantly to
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The debates and research studies that are conducted have both compelling arguments on how school uniforms greatly influence school crime rates and other forms of misconduct. School uniform policies should not be mandatory in public schools because there is very little correlation with the effects of school uniform policies on the increase of student academic achievement. School uniforms do not allow children to express themselves creatively, through dress and individuality. Also school uniforms place a huge financial burden on parents who do not have the resources to afford them. The research that has been conducted imply as stated in Brunsma and Rockquemore that “no empirical evidence exists to support the numerous and varied claims of uniform proponents.” (53) Instead of schools systems placing emphasis on expecting school uniforms to solve problems that most educational reformers feel are detrimental issues King states that the ACLU stresses “that resources should be directed toward creating more attractive , clean, and safe school buildings; smaller classes; well stocked libraries; easily accessed computers; more elective courses.”

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