Essay School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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Fifty-four percent of students say their school uniform does not compromise them of their identity, and forty-one percent say they noticed fewer disruptions in the classroom (Lake). The amount of school districts switching to school uniforms is on the rise; however, it is a hot debate right now. A school district is either extremely for or against their school switching to uniforms for many reasons. The school districts that are for switching to uniforms think it will benefit their school by cutting down on discrimination against the low-income students and create equality. They also believe uniforms can help lower the amount of cliques between students, and make the classroom a better learning environment. The school districts that do not support school uniforms believe their kids express themselves through their clothing and they cannot do that in a uniform. Uniforms can also be expensive and make it difficult for parents to be able to afford them. Many people believe school uniforms are the best way to achieve equality among kids and create the best learning environment possible; however, others think they are a waste of money and deprive children of their self-expression. In Tinker v. Des Moines a group of students decided to wear black armbands to protest against the fighting in the Vietnam War. The principle found out and told the students if they wore the armbands they would be suspended; however, the students wore the armbands anyway. During their suspension the…

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